Here are the best Qatayef recipes that are curated with different types of filling. If you have ever eaten Qatayef, I’m sure you want to have more variety of it.

Qatayef is a Middle Eastern Dessert made with folded pancakes filled with sweet fillings and drenched in sugar syrup or any other syrup like orange blossom water. Qatayef filling may vary in different regions or according to taste preference.

If you don’t like the traditional taste of Qatayef or you are bored of eating the same Qatayef. That’s why we have curated different types of Qatyef for you.

Qatayef Dessert
Best Qatayef Dessert Recipes

With this guide, you will manage to make Qatayef with a unique taste at your home.

We have curated 11 best Qatayef dessert recipes such as Nutella Qatayef, Cheese Qatayef, Pistachio Qatayef, Savory Qatayef, and more.

Traditional Qatayef


Qatayef is a folded pancake filled with Ashta cream and nuts.

If you have ever eaten Qatayef, you are surely familiar with its taste. In the Middle East Ramadan is incomplete without Qatayef.

This traditional Qatayef recipe is best for those who like the taste of traditional Qatayef which is sweet, nutty, and creamy.

Cheese-Stuffed Qatayef

cream Qatayef

Cheese stuffed Qatayef is best for cheese lovers or those who don’t like nutty filling as much. It is soft on the outside and gooey on the inside due to the cheese filling.

You can fill it with your favorite cheese but remember to not use too much salty type of cheese as it may ruin the sweet taste of your Qatayef.

Nutella Qatayef

chocalate Qatayef

Nutella Qatayef is very different from the traditional Nutella. It is filled with Nutella filling which gives a luscious flavor.

Each bite is full of textures with crispy edges to the rich, gooey Nutella filling.

The sweetness is perfectly balanced which makes it an irresistible treat.

Pistachio Qatayef

Pistachio Qatayef

This Qatayef variation has a nutty taste of pistachio and, a soft and chewy taste of Qatayef dough.

If you take a bite of pistachio Qatayef you will feel a burst of pistachio flavor from inside.

It’s a celebration of the Middle East’s love for pistachios, captured in every delectable bite.

Date-Stuffed Qatayef

Date-stuffed Qatayef truly represents the taste of the Middle East. Filled with chopped date or date paste which gives a natural sweetness of date.

The chewiness of the dates and the softness of the Qatayef go really well together.

It’s like taking a journey to the special food traditions of the Middle East. If you like the taste of date you should try this recipe.

Walnut and Honey Qatayef

Savor the perfect blend of textures and flavors in Walnut and Honey Qatayef.

The dough is filled with a generous filling of finely chopped walnuts with honey which adds a delightful crunch to the soft exterior.

A drizzle of golden honey enhances the sweetness while introducing a subtle floral note of honey. This Qatayef variant is a celebration of the timeless pairing of nuts and honey.

Date and Almond Qatayef

Date and Almond Qatayef is made with a Qatayef filled with a mixture of Almonds and Date.

It is a pure indulgence of sweet dates and crunchy almonds that complement the delicate folds of Qatayef.

Each bite is a perfect balance of sweetness and texture, leaving a warmth on your palate.

Chocolate Qatayef

If you are a chocalate lover you should try this chocalate Qatayef. It is a delicious reveal of chocolate in Qatayef.

This Qatayef is very different from traditional qatayef but it is absolutely a delicious version.

The Qatayef dough is made with cocoa powder which gives a chocolatey taste inside out.

Qatayef with Ashta Cream

Ashta cream Qatayef is filled with creamy Ashta cream. Ashta cream is an important ingredient of Middle Eastern Cuisine.

It has the taste of luxurious Ashta cream and, a soft and chewy taste of Qatayef dough. If you like a rich creamy taste you should try this recipe, Im sure you will not regret it.

Each mouthful is a journey through velvety richness, leaving a creamy afterglow that elevates the traditional Qatayef experience.

Rabri Qatayef

Rabri is an Indian dessert made with dense milk. This Qatayef dessert is made with folded Qatayef filled with rabri.

It has a dense sweet, rich creamy taste of rabri and a soft chewy taste of Qatayef.

If you are interested in Indian cuisine or want to try something different, You should try this dessert you will be impressed.

Savory Qatayef

Savoury Qatayef is a whole new dessert. It is filled with savory filling.

If you are not a sweet lover but want to try some innovative dishes, you should try this savory variation of Qatayef.

The subtle spices and savory notes create a unique culinary experience.

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Qatayef Dessert
Best Qatayef Dessert Recipes

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