Are you bored of eating traditional kunafa? We have curated a list of the best kunafa desserts which are modified and fusion versions of traditional Kunafa.

Kunafa is traditionally made with a phyllo sheet, ashta cream, and pistachio but there are a variety of Kunafa dessert available which has a unique taste and impressive look. Check the recipe and explore the world of delicious Kunafa.

Kunafa Dessert Recipes
Kunafa Dessert Recipes

We have curated 10 best kunafa dessert recipes like Nutella kunafa rolls, Mango Kunafa, Kunafa cups, and Muhalabiya Kunafa parfait.

Traditional Kunafa


It is the simplest and most traditional form of Kunafa made with phyllo sheet, ashta cream, pistachio, and sugar syrup. It has a crispy and cheesy taste.

The layer of phyllo sheet filled with ashta cream and pistachio nuts gives a crunchy and gooey taste at the same time.

Make this authentic Kunafa recipe at your home with a few ingredients and enjoy.

Nutella Kunafa Rolls

If you love Nutella, you will definitely like this recipe. It is made with kunafa roll filled with Nutella and whipped cream and sprinkled with nuts or your favorite toppings.

Try his modified version of kunafa which is absolutely different and delicious. It has a rich chocolaty taste with the crunchy taste of a cone.

Mango Kunafa

Mango kunafa is a whole new version of kunafa which is fruity, buttery, and crunchy.

The freshness and sweetness of mango and the crunchy buttery taste of kunafa make it a satisfying version of kunafa.

You should try this dessert if you like the sweetness of mango.

Kunafa Cups

Kunafa cups are a very impressive and crowd-pleasing dessert. Made with cups of phyllo sheet and topped with your favorite ice cream flavor.

When you take a bite of this delicious dessert you feel crunch and rich ice cream at the same time.

This dessert is an absolute best appetizer recipe. It will surely impress your guests with its impressive looks and delicious flavor.

Chocalate Kunafa Cookies

Chocalate Kunafa cookies are a no-bake recipe. It is made with crunchy buttery kunafa crumbs and chocolate.

It is a pure indulgence that gives you the flavor of kunafa and cookies in every bite.

Mini Kunafa Cream Puff

This dessert is a real party dessert. The pleasing small cream puff attracts your guests and family to have more.

This dessert is made with flaky puff pastry coated with kunafa and filled with cream. It has a crunchy, sweet, and gooey taste in bite-size puffs.

Cardamom Kunafa Balls

Cardamom kunafa balls are made with kunafa dough, almonds, honey, and condensed milk. It is best absolutely the dish for your table.

It is a bite-size and no-bake dessert with a crunchy and dense sweet taste.

Muhalabiya Kunafa Parfait

Muhalabiya Kunafa Parfait is combination of two arabic dessert. It is made with a milk pudding layered with kunafa as a parfait.

The combination of rich creamy Muhalabiya and the crunch of kunafa made it a delicious modified version of kunafa.

Pomegranate pistachio Rabri Kunafa Roll

This dessert is made with kunafa dough roll filled with super-rich rabri, pomegranate, and pistachio. It has a very different taste than other kunafa dessert.

This kunafa roll has the rich and sweet taste of rabri and a crunchy taste of kunafa dough roll.

Caramel Apple Kunafa Pie

Kunafa Caramel Apple pie is a super tasty kunafa dessert that has a crunchy, sweet, and fresh taste of apple.

It is made with kunafa dough, apple, and caramelized sugar. The taste of sweet apple and caramel compliment the crunch of kunafa dough which make each bite a pure indulgence.

Best Kunafa Arabic Dessert (With Easy Recipe)


  • Traditional Kunafa

  • Nutella Kunafa Rolls

  • Mango Kunafa

  • Kunafa Cups

  • Chocalate Kunafa Cookies

  • Mini Kunafa Cream Puff

  • Cardamom Kunafa Balls

  • Pomegranate pistachio Kunafa

  • Muhalabiya Kunafa Parfait

  • Caramel Apple Kunafa Pie


  • Select your favorite recipe
  • Gather all required ingredients
  • Make it at home and enjoy your favorite kunafa dessert
Kunafa Dessert Recipes
Kunafa Dessert Recipes

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