Hello, my food explorers! we’re talking about yummy ice creams that start with ‘K.’ It’s like a fun game for your taste buds!

Let’s enjoy the cool and creamy world of Key Lime Pie Ice Cream, Kiwi Sorbet, Kettle Corn Ice Cream, Kahlúa Fudge Swirl, and Kumquat Sorbet.

Ice Cream that starts with K
Ice Cream that starts with K

In this list, we have curated 21 best ice cream that start with K. Let’s read the article to find your favorite ice cream.

  • Key Lime Pie Ice Cream
  • Kiwi Sorbet
  • Kettle Corn Ice Cream
  • Kahlúa Fudge Swirl
  • Kumquat Sorbet
  • Khoya Kulfi
  • Kinder Bueno Ice Cream
  • Kit Kat Crunch
  • Kirsch Cherry Ice Cream
  • Kaffir Lime Sorbet
  • Karat Banana Ice Cream
  • Korean Red Bean Ice Cream
  • Kettle Chip Chocolate Swirl
  • Kiwifruit and Strawberry Swirl
  • Khoya Pista Ice Cream
  • Kona Coffee Ice Cream
  • Kiwi Coconut Sorbet
  • Kaju Katli Ice Cream
  • Key Lime Cheesecake Ice Cream
  • Kettle-Cooked Caramel Pecan
  • Knickerbocker Glory Ice Cream

Key Lime Pie Ice Cream

We’re kicking off our ice cream adventure with Key Lime Pie Ice Cream, a fantastic treat that’s bound to tickle your taste buds.

It’s like a slice of key lime pie, but instead of a flaky crust, it’s all wrapped up in a scoop of ice cream.

This special ice cream captures the tangy essence of fresh key limes, which are those tiny, green, and super sour fruits. It mixes the tangy key lime flavor with the sweet deliciousness of a classic pie.

The creamy texture feels like a soft, sweet cloud, and the key lime flavor is like a warm sunbeam on a summer day.

Kiwi Sorbet

Next up, we have Kiwi Sorbet, a lighter option for those who enjoy the bright and juicy taste of kiwis. Sorbet is a special kind of ice cream – it’s like a cousin of ice cream, but it’s fruitier and cooler.

Eating Kiwi Sorbet is like taking a refreshing stroll through a kiwi orchard on a hot day. The coolness of the sorbet is like a gentle breeze on your face, and the kiwi flavor is like biting into a juicy, ripe kiwi, but it’s all blended into a perfect, icy consistency.

It’s not just a dessert; it’s a taste of summer in a bowl, like capturing the sun’s warmth in a spoonful of frosty sweetness.

Kettle Corn Ice Cream

Now, let’s dive into a unique flavor that combines sweet and salty in the most delicious way – Kettle Corn Ice Cream.

This ice cream is like a day at the fair, where the air is filled with the delicious smell of freshly popped kettle corn, which is a mix of popcorn, sugar, and salt.

The creamy base of this ice cream is like a big, comforting hug from your favorite stuffed animal, and the pieces of sweet, crunchy kettle corn are like little surprises hiding in every spoonful.

Kahlúa Fudge Swirl

For those who love coffee and chocolate, we have something special for you – Kahlúa Fudge Swirl.

This ice cream is like a grown-up dessert that combines the rich, creamy taste of chocolate with the kick of coffee liqueur, which is like a grown-up’s coffee with a bit of extra fun.

It’s like enjoying a decadent dessert and a cup of coffee all in one, which is like when grown-ups get to have their special treats.

Kumquat Sorbet

Eating Kumquat Sorbet is like taking a big bite of a ripe kumquat on a sunny afternoon.

The sorbet is like a burst of sunshine, like when you open your curtains in the morning and the sun streams into your room, and the kumquat flavor is like a zesty adventure for your taste buds.

It’s like a palate-cleansing, bright, and invigorating dessert that leaves you feeling refreshed, just like when you run around outside on a sunny day.

Khoya Kulfi

This frozen dessert hails from the heart of India and is known for its rich and creamy texture.

It’s like a cousin to ice cream but with a delightful twist. Khoya Kulfi is made using thickened milk, cardamom, and a touch of sweetness, creating a dessert that’s both creamy and aromatic.

It’s often molded into small, cone-shaped servings, making it easy to enjoy without melting all over your hands.

The mild sweetness and the scent of cardamom make Khoya Kulfi a unique treat that’s hard to resist on a hot day.

Kinder Bueno Ice Cream

If you adore Kinder Bueno chocolates, you’re in for a real treat. Kinder Bueno Ice Cream combines the deliciousness of the classic candy bar with the coolness of ice cream.

It’s a velvety concoction of hazelnut and chocolate, swirled into a creamy base. With every spoonful, you’ll experience the perfect blend of crunchy and smooth textures.

The sweet hazelnut-chocolate flavor will make your taste buds do a happy dance. If you’re a fan of the Kinder Bueno bars, this ice cream is a must-try!

Kit Kat Crunch

Have a break, have a Kit Kat… ice cream! Kit Kat Crunch ice cream takes your favorite crispy chocolate bar and turns it into a frozen masterpiece.

Imagine bits of Kit Kat bars mixed into a vanilla ice cream base. Every spoonful is like a delightful surprise, with the iconic Kit Kat crunch in every bite.

It’s a fantastic combination of smooth and crunchy, perfect for those moments when you’re in need of a sweet break. So why not indulge in a scoop of this delightful creation?

Kirsch Cherry Ice Cream

Looking for something a little more grown-up? Kirsch Cherry Ice Cream might be just what you need.

This ice cream takes ripe, juicy cherries and infuses them with a splash of Kirsch, a cherry brandy.

The result is a vibrant and slightly boozy ice cream that’s both sweet and tangy.

The Kirsch adds a unique dimension to the flavor, making it an excellent choice for adults who want a little something extra in their dessert.

It’s like a delightful cherry cocktail in frozen form!

Kaffir Lime Sorbet

For those who prefer something on the tangy and refreshing side, Kaffir Lime Sorbet is a perfect choice.

This delightful treat is made from the zest and juice of Kaffir limes, resulting in a sorbet that’s incredibly zesty and bursting with citrusy goodness.

It’s a fantastic palate cleanser and a go-to option when you’re in need of a refreshing dessert.

The zing of Kaffir lime is like a burst of sunshine in your mouth, making this sorbet a fantastic choice on a hot summer day.

Karat Banana Ice Cream

If you’re in the mood for a taste of the tropics, Karat Banana Ice Cream has your back. This creamy delight is like a tropical vacation in a scoop.

It’s loaded with the luscious essence of ripe bananas, giving you that unmistakable natural sweetness with every bite.

Imagine taking a stroll through a sun-kissed banana grove, and that’s exactly the sensation you get when you indulge in this ice cream.

It’s like a sunny day at the beach, a cool breeze rustling through palm trees, and the perfect treat to brighten up your day. Creamy, dreamy, and oh-so-banana-y!

Korean Red Bean Ice Cream

Now, let’s explore something a bit more unique. Korean Red Bean Ice Cream may not be the first thing that comes to mind, but it’s a delicious adventure for your taste buds.

The red bean paste in this ice cream offers a sweet and earthy flavor that’s distinctive and lovely.

It’s like a sweet story woven from the heart of Korea, a flavor that’s cherished and celebrated.

The coolness of the ice cream balances perfectly with the rich red bean taste, making it a dessert that’s both comforting and refreshing.

A delightful change from the ordinary, wouldn’t you say?

Kettle Chip Chocolate Swirl

If you’re all about that intriguing mix of sweet and savory, Kettle Chip Chocolate Swirl is your go-to.

This is where your taste buds embark on a rollercoaster of sensations.

The crispy chips add a satisfying crunch to every spoonful, creating a symphony of textures and flavors that’ll have you craving more.

It’s a bit like the excitement of a suspenseful movie, but in ice cream form.

Kiwifruit and Strawberry Swirl

This treat is all about celebrating the best of both worlds – the tangy zest of kiwifruit and the sweet allure of ripe strawberries.

It’s like a fruit salad in a cone, where every bite is a burst of fruity freshness. The kiwifruit provides that zingy punch, while the strawberries bring a burst of natural sweetness.

The swirls are like a playful dance between two vibrant characters, creating a delightful party in your mouth.

It’s a summery picnic under the shade of a fruit-laden tree – pure joy.

Khoya Pista Ice Cream

We have Khoya Pista Ice Cream, the epitome of rich and nutty elegance. Khoya, a traditional milk-based Indian sweet, brings its creamy and fudgy charm to this ice cream.

Paired with the earthy, slightly sweet taste of pistachios, it’s like a royal dessert from a faraway palace.

The khoya adds a depth and richness, while the pista (pistachio) lends a delightful nuttiness, making this ice cream a treat for those with a taste for the finer things.

It’s like an exquisite piece of art in the world of frozen desserts.

Kona Coffee Ice Cream

Imagine a sip of your favorite cup of coffee on a scorching day, but in ice cream form – that’s Kona Coffee Ice Cream for you.

This delightful treat has the rich, robust taste of Kona coffee beans, originating from Hawaii’s volcanic soil.

The creaminess of the ice cream pairs perfectly with the bold coffee flavor, giving you a sweet and slightly nutty taste.

It’s like a coffee break and dessert rolled into one. Every spoonful is like a mini vacation to a tropical paradise, right in your mouth!

Kiwi Coconut Sorbet

Now, if you’re searching for something refreshing and fruity, Kiwi Coconut Sorbet is the way to go.

It’s like a tropical getaway for your taste buds! The vibrant green kiwi and the creamy coconut join forces in this frozen dessert.

With a balance of sweet and tart, it’s like enjoying a sunset on a sandy beach. It’s not just a treat; it’s a vacation in a bowl.

Kaju Katli Ice Cream

Kaju Katli, a beloved Indian sweet, gets a frozen makeover with Kaju Katli Ice Cream. It’s like having a piece of Diwali in every bite.

This ice cream is loaded with the rich and buttery flavor of cashews and cardamom, making it a royal delight.

The nutty and slightly spiced taste will make your taste buds dance with joy. It’s as if your dessert is dressed in the finest silk, fit for a king or queen.

Key Lime Cheesecake Ice Cream

Have you ever tried Key Lime Pie and thought, “This would be even better as ice cream”?

Well, someone had that genius idea and created Key Lime Cheesecake Ice Cream. This creamy concoction is tangy, zesty, and simply extraordinary. It’s like a tropical vacation for your taste buds!

The tartness of key lime and the indulgence of cheesecake are a match made in dessert heaven.

Each bite is a tantalizing blend of sweet and citrusy notes. You’ll wonder how you ever lived without it.

Kettle-Cooked Caramel Pecan

Imagine a cozy, autumn day by the fireplace, where you’re wrapped up in a warm blanket.

This ice cream embodies that feeling. It’s like the comfort food of the ice cream world.

The sweet and velvety caramel swirls with crunchy, buttery pecans, creating a symphony of flavors and textures.

It’s like a caramelized hug for your taste buds, warming your heart with every bite.

Knickerbocker Glory Ice Cream

Now, picture this: layers of velvety vanilla ice cream, fresh fruits like strawberries and cherries, and a generous drizzle of sweet, sticky syrup.

It’s like an orchestra of flavors and textures playing a symphony in your mouth. Each spoonful is an adventure, taking you through different layers of taste.

You’ll find yourself reaching the fruity bits at the bottom, only to be met with the delightful crunch of nuts or crumbled cookies.

Ice Cream That Starts With K


  • Key Lime Pie Ice Cream

  • Kiwi Sorbet

  • Kettle Corn Ice Cream

  • Kahlúa Fudge Swirl

  • Kumquat Sorbet

  • Khoya Kulfi

  • Kinder Bueno Ice Cream

  • Kit Kat Crunch

  • Kirsch Cherry Ice Cream

  • Kaffir Lime Sorbet

  • Karat Banana Ice Cream

  • Korean Red Bean Ice Cream

  • Kettle Chip Chocolate Swirl

  • Kiwifruit and Strawberry Swirl

  • Khoya Pista Ice Cream

  • Kona Coffee Ice Cream

  • Kiwi Coconut Sorbet

  • Kaju Katli Ice Cream

  • Key Lime Cheesecake Ice Cream

  • Kettle-Cooked Caramel Pecan

  • Knickerbocker Glory Ice Cream


  • Select your favorite ice cream
  • Gather all ingredient
  • Enjoy your favorite ice cream flavor
Ice Cream that starts with K
Ice Cream that starts with K

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