Italian custard dessert is all that you want to wipe up your meal. It is smooth, velvety, and sweet taste which takes your experience to the next level.

Italian desserts are my favorite desserts because they are not overly sweet and they are often creamy and luxurious, and what else do you want?

Try these Italian custard desserts for a better experience of Italian dessert that feels luxurious.

Italian Custard Dessert
Italian Custard Dessert

We have curated 11 best Italian custard dessert that is absolute indulgence. These desserts are easy to make at home and comforting food that you will surely love.

Panna Cotta

Panna Cotta

Panna Cotta is an Italian custard dessert made with milk, heavy cream, sugar, vanilla extract, and gelatin and often topped with berries.

It simply tastes like a smooth, silky, and creamy texture with not overly sweet. Anyone who likes things to be easy and beautiful. If you enjoy the simple pleasures of life and love the gentle touch of vanilla, Panna Cotta is for you.

Panna cotta is usually paired with fruity sauces like berry coulis, fruit caramel, or berry compote. These toppings provide a tangy flavor that goes well with the smooth and creamy base of panna cotta.

Zuppa Inglese

zuppa inglese

Zuppa Inglese the Italian custard is derived from trifle. Simply made with sponge cake or ladyfinger soaked in Alchermes liqueur, a bright red aromatic Italian liqueur.

The soaked cake or lady finger layer alternates with custard cream. It is rich, a true comfort dessert for those who like a combination of texture and flavor in dessert.



Budino is an Italian custard or pudding. This dessert is full of rich, velvety, and creamy flavors with topped sauces like caramel, chocalte, and butterscotch.

The best part is you can customize it according to your preference. So, spoon by spoon, let Budino wrap you in its caramel-laced affection.


Sformato is a delightful treat that brings the richness of custard and the airy quality of soufflé together.

The texture is amazing super smooth and velvety somewhat similar to custard and mousse.

An interesting thing is that you can shape it into different forms which makes it easy.

Crostata di Crema

Crostata di Crema

Crostata di Crema is a buttery tart filled with velvety custard-like cream. The buttery crust and smooth, velvety, and creamy taste of custard made it h balance of texture and flavor.

When you take a bite of this dessert, you feel the crispy taste of tart and then the smooth taste of cream which feels incredibly good.

Crostata di Crema is a dessert for those who relish the classic combination of custard and crust.



Whether cannoli is not an Italian custard dessert it has a very similar texture to custard. It consists of a crispy cannoli fried shell filled with this luscious sweetened ricotta-based cream.

The ricotta cheese forms the base of the filling and provides a velvety texture and a mild, slightly tangy taste.

Some recipes also add flavors such as vanilla extract, cinnamon, and sometimes chocolate chips or candied fruit.

The texture of cannoli cream is smooth and luxurious which is in contrast to the crispiness of the cannoli shell.

Cassata Siciliana

Cassata Siciliana

Cassata Siciliana is usually made with a sponge cake soaked in fruit juices or liqueur and layered with ricotta cheese and candied fruit.

It has a rich and sweet flavor with a combination of creamy ricotta cheese and candied fruits which gives a burst of flavor.

This tasty Sicilian delight is just right for those who love trying new things.

Sfogliatella Riccia

Sfogliatella Riccia

Sfogliatella Riccia is a ricotta-filled flaky pasty. When you take a bite, the first thing you notice is the crunch of flaky pastry and then smooth feelings inside.

The pastry is often filled with ricotta cheese filling and sometimes a hint of citrus zest or cinnamon. This recipe is best for people who like flaky pastry or cheese.

Amaretto Custard

This dessert is a heavenly combination of smooth and creamy custard infused with the almond and sweet notes of amaretto.

The sweetness of the custard is perfectly balanced with the aromatic liqueur. It is not overly sweet which is the best part of this dessert.

The velvety custard texture combined with the flavor of amaretto makes this dessert a true delight.

Torta della Nonna

Torta della Nonna

Torta della Nonna means “Grandmother’s Cake” in Italian. It is made with shortcrust tart filled with custard and topped with pine fruits.

The custard tart is often flavored with a lemon for a balance of tanginess and sweetness.

The combination of the crispy crust, velvety custard, and nutty garnishing creates a heavenly delicious flavor.



Zabaglione is a delightful Italian custard dessert made with just three ingredients egg yolks, sugar, and sweet wine that are as fun to eat. It’s a sweet and velvety custard.

The texture is smooth and silky and the taste is a perfect balance of sweetness and warmth from the wine. Zabaglione is often served warm.

Whether you enjoy it on with fresh berries or a sprinkle of cocoa, zabaglione is a classic Italian treat that brings joy with every spoonful.

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What is a custard dessert?

A custard dessert is a dessert made by combining eggs, sugar, and milk or cream.

This mixture is cooked until it thickens, creamy and velvety texture. Vanilla is often added for flavor.

Custards are served warm or chilled and are also used in various desserts like puddings, pies, and tarts.

What can I use instead of custard in dessert?

Instead of custard in desserts, you can use alternatives like vanilla pudding, whipped cream, or yogurt for a similar creamy texture and sweetness.

These substitutes maintain a richness in your dessert. Furthermore, flavored creams, ice cream, or coconut milk can add unique tastes to your desserts.

Experiment with different options and find one that suits your taste buds.

Italian Custard Dessert

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